If I can remember well, I was in my primary school when I first caught up with the saying…an egg a day keeps you away from the doctors.

I never for once loved visiting the hospital, Neither did I love the prick of needles on my skin. You sure know the drill😄

Later in my high school days, I came across the same advert talking about eating an egg a day, while staying away from your Doctors’

This must be the real deal, as the thoughts flashed through my consciousness…How true can this be? I ruminated for thousands of seconds as a teenager.

Nowadays we have young chaps, youths and even adults take more than one egg daily and still end up visiting the doctor. On a funny note, I spoke with a customer on our platform and he told me how he takes six eggs whenever he wants to have Yam…..did you just say haaaaaaa🙊…he has not visited a doctor in years, from his recount.

Anyways, is this another myth that needs to be bursted or is this really true…? Here is our stand at DOFOODS.

To start with, it should not be new to us that eggs are gotten from the hen (female bird).The unfertilised eggs released by the hen turns to out to be table eggs, while the fertilized eggs are hatched and turn to chicks and in turn adult hen or rooster (male bird).

Eggs are a good and affordable source of complete protein, especially in sub-saharan Africa. With as little as 40-50 NGN, you can get an egg. Hence they are regarded as one of the most nutritious food we have.

Asides from eating them as boiled, poached, scrambled,fried; eggs have been found in other products we consume daily such as cakes, pies, mayonnaise, ice-cream just to mention a few .

They also contain important nutrients the body needs notable amongst them is cholesterol. It is believed that a hard boiled egg has 200 milligrammes of cholesterol which research has found not guilty of any health hazard. Although there are still back and forth arguments.

Another important nutrient in egg is choline which has similar benefits with B- Vitamins, which helps in regulating liver function, impacts the development of the brain, aids in muscle growth and movement, and helps in controlling the nervous system, and metabolism.

The yolk of the egg has also been investigated to contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These are antioxidants that help to slow down the age-related degeneration of the human eye and also prevent cataracts and conditions that causes blurred vision especially in the old . Not to forget they contain a good amount of vitamin-A , which helps with healthy eye functions.

I can continue to preach about the wonders of this cheap source of protein especially as a stress moderators due to the presence of vitamin D, acetylcholine amongst others.

With this said, you might start believing that truly eating eggs might really keep one away from the doctors.

However, there is the need to moderate the number of eggs we take daily..

This should not go past 1-3 eggs daily at most, as most researches conducted as regards their health benefits, have always pegged ’em at three eggs.

Also it is important to consume omega 3 enriched eggs or eggs from birds raised on pastures. This is because of their heart friendly benefits compared to factory gotten eggs gotten from birds that have been solely raised through grains.

Finally if you have underlying conditions such as diabetes or other heart related illnesses, it is advised to cut down on the intake of so much eggs.

At DOFOODS we know an egg a day is great for your body, BUT we have to state that monitoring your health status is very beneficial to you even if it means meeting your Doctors on appointment. As always staying healthy remains the goal for us.

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Remember; Stay safe !! Eat healthy!!!

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