Often times, I get asked this question; what makes a food product wholesome? Most especially frozen foods and the animal proteins we consume daily?

Before I dive in fully, you would have been wondering how having a simple lunch turned to a trip to the hospital.

Not to worry…I would share with you briefly how it all happened.

It was the Easter celebrations and as Nigerians, it’s practically party time for friends and family. customary to our family, we gather at my Aunt’s place for the celebration.

Meal was supposed to be served typical of thanksgivings. We opted for a chicken soup amongst other crucial African styled cuisines.

However, before we started digging into our meals, my aunt’s face looked sick and she just waved it as a slight tummy pain.

As we shared memories and all, the tummy pains became so unbearable for my aunt. It was obvious we needed to do something…

Making us abandon our sumptuous meal temporarily.

Arrghh, I was already eyeing my own fair share of the grilled chicken and omelet. Still we all had to pause, to solve the pending crisis.

Eventually we took her to a nearby hospital a stone throw from home…to our surprise, after clerking and all, she was tentatively diagnosed of food poisoning pending the time all other tests would be carried out.

…it was supposed to be a party day filled with fun and excitements, but here we are scared to even touch our meals after that pronunciation by the doctor.

What and what could have been the cause of this? 

Although not something new to the world, it is believed that frozen food products, such as poultry products (chicken, turkey etc.) if not properly processed and stored wholesomely from the farms, could serve as carriers of harmful organisms.

How does this translate into poisoning then?

Organisms like Salmonella, Campylobacter, clostridium amongst others, have been noted as culprits in food poisoning cases.

If these animal products turned frozen foods containing the said organisms are not properly prepared or during the process of preparation, they touch other edibles like vegetables, they could continue their transmission to humans.

This births the question; how then do we know how to SELECT PROPERLY PROCESSED AND WHOLESOME FROZEN FOOD PRODUCTS for consumption?

Let me share with you five important things to watch out for when getting your Frozen foods;

  • Frozen food products must always look Fresh and not stale at all times.
  • Observe for funny odours or smell before your purchase any frozen food.
  • Date stamps on products should be checked and observed, as this gives a clue on how fresh the products are.
  • Avoid frozen products that are plumped. Some sellers believe this helps improve the taste but this could have health implications.
  • Most importantly purchase FROZEN FOODS from reputable store. Reputable stores always try to get their products from right farms, process and store under the right conditions.

In the next episode, I would be sharing in-depth knowledge about individual frozen products

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Eat safe and stay safe

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